The Vineyard

“Wine is made in the vine”


We believe that vineyard, location, climate and soil composition are key factors in creating wines of extraordinary quality and distinction.

La Finca is nestled in the Salnés Valley, one of the five subzones in the appellation Rías Baixas. This region is one of the coolest areas owing to its proximity to the Atlantic coast. The characteristics result in mild temperatures, heavy rainfall, equally distributed throughout the area and a drier climate during the summer. The soil is generally clay and rocky with pink granite and the best grape variety, the Albariño.

La Finca belongs to the region known as Green Spain. It is the area of land made up of the regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque County, in northern Spain. Although they have some things in common, each one of these regions has its own unique character. Rías Baixas and the rest of Galicia receive more rainfall than any other part in the country. The cool and damp Atlantic-influenced climate favours the production of dry white made with mainly indigenous varieties, including the popular Albariño grape.

What makes La Finca unique:

  • 30 year-old vineyard.
  • About 95 meters above the sea level.
  • North-South exposure.
  • Granite and sandy soil.
  • Proximity to the sea.
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The Grape


The Albariño is the most characteristic grape variety in the Salnés Valley. The Albariño finds its best expression in this region´s special soil and in the mild, sunny and rainy Atlantic character. The Atlantic coastal breeze plays a decisive role in the taste of our wines since it provides our grapes with pleasant salty hints. The Albariño is characterized by its fruit aromas, high production of sugars and lively acidity, qualities which are not easily found in other varieties.

It has been suggested that the Albariño grape was once brought to Galicia by German pilgrims who were making the journey to the Holy city of Santiago. However, the truth is that this has always been the native grape of our region.

Pale, straw-yellow colour, apricot and peach fruits on the nose with hints of honeysuckle and lively, light but round texture on the palate, balanced by good acidity are the characteristics that make Albariño wines completely different from other varieties.



Everything we do seems to have an impact on the environment. That is the reason why we look carefully at everything we do and try to find ways to minimize any environmental damage we cause in the process of growing grapes and winemaking. Our aim is to return the land what we are given.

We have been given the certification of integrated production. This means that the growing of grapes is undertaken with due consideration of the environment, providing a high quality production and the reduction of external agricultural supplies and sources of contamination.

Strict analytical control is carried out during all the wine making process in order to certify our commitment with the reduction in pesticide and fertilizer use, improving biodiversity fertility and optimal growing conditions.